• Set up your business in less than 1 hour
  • Full foreign ownership permitted
  • Repatriation of capital and profits
  • No import, export, re-export and custom duty
  • Special VAT advantages
  • Strong land, air and sea connectivity
  • Access to a 14-metre deep port and 7-metre deep inner harbor
  • Variety of licenses, including commercial, service and industrial
  • Convenient online service for renewals, visas and other applications
  • Renewable long-term and short-term lease
  • Access to the UAE and GCC markets
  • Low cost energy
  • Cost-effective workforce
  • 24-hour security within the Free Zone
  • Onsite labour accommodation
  • Onsite customs facilities

Highlights of Hamriyah Free Zone

  • Primary hub for oil and gas companies
  • Home to the highest number of steel fabricators in the UAE
  • Strategic location to access global markets
  • World class facilities
  • 11 million square feet Food Park specifically planned and developed for
            the requirements of the food industry

Establish your business today in less than 1 hour

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