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HFZA holds awareness session for industries

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA) organized an awareness session at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, in November 2016 to highlight the unique opportunities available in the Free Zone and how industries can utilize these benefits to expand their business.


 Ali Al Jarwan, Deputy Commercial Director and Muhamed Basheer, Head of Overseas Promotion, who represented HFZA at the event, shared the background, key opportunities and benefits of operating out of HFZ.


In his presentation, Basheer briefed the more than 80 industry representatives about the infrastructural facilities and ease of use in setting up business at HFZ. The session also focused on the support given to SMEs at HFZ, which provides competitive incentives and unique opportunities to establish a business in a tax-free environment, offering full company ownership, exemptions from all commercial levies and repatriation of capital and profits