Department Services


Phone +9716 5263333
Fax +9716 5263555
Direct Lines Deputy Director - Commercial Affairs Ali Al Jarwan
+9716 5133438
  Head of Sales Department
Hamad Al Shamsi +9716 5133436
Head of Business Development Department Ajeeb Moidunni +9716 5133464
  Business Development Executive
Geomon George +9716 5133471
  Sales Executive
Ohoud Ali Abdalla
+9716 5133435
  Head of Sales Support
Omar Rashid Al leem
+9716 5133417
  Senior Sales Executive
Hashik K.P +9716 5133437
  Sales Executive Habishmon Khalidkutty +9716 5133422
  Sales Executive Mariam Al Suwaidi +9716 5133427

  • New Company / Branch Registration
  • Additional Facilities
  • Sales Support


Phone +9716 5263333
Fax +9716 5263334
Direct Lines Lease & License Manager Haya Al Khayal +9716 5133434


Initial Leasing and Licensing procedures completed through Sales Dept.

  • Company name will be approved.
  • Arranges Agreement, provides Std., Terms of Lease and Personnel Secondment.
  • License and Lease with FZE/FZC Incorporation Certificate, Company Register, Lease Agreement, and Share Certificates will also be given.
  • Issues Facility Handing Over/Termination Forms.
  • Arranges license amendment/Change in Shareholder/ Director/ Secretary/ Manager/ Activity, etc.
  • License Renewals.
  • Registration of Mortgages.
  • Registration on Documents.

License Renewal Procedure
  • 1 - Renewal fees (kindly contact Accounts Department for Renewal Invoice )
  • 2 - P O Box renewal (kindly contact Emirates Post)
  • 3 - With regard to the company legal status kindly note as follows:
  • 4 - FZE/FZC (kindly submit a Financial audit report to our Accounts department)
  • 5 - If Branch of Local Company (a copy of the renewed license of the mother company to be submitted to L& L Department)
  • 6 - If Branch if International Company (a Certificate of Good Standing (Notarized and attested) to be submitted to L& L Department )
  • 7 - Return of original license

  • Notice Period for Lease Termination: Office – 1 Month, Warehouse – 3 Months, Land – 6 Months ending with contractual year.
  • Non-renewal for month will be treated as abandonment leading to termination, removal and discarding of items in the facility.
  • Letters to banks for opening accounts etc. are issued by this department.
  • In the case of leases for facilities which are not ready, Rent Holiday will be applied until the date when these are ready and not until the Investor takes the key. Intimation to the P.O. Box will be treated as due notification regarding the readiness of facilities.


Phone +9716 5263222
Fax +9716 5263322
Direct Lines Head of MIS Ayaz Tariq
  Network Administrator Mohammed Abdul Hadi


Phone: +9716-5263222
Fax: +9716-5263622

  • For Invoices & Payments, Renewal amounts, Termination charges and For Payment Terms and Requests regarding PDCs.
    • E office : Extn: 322
    • Normal Offices (LOB) & Warehouses: Extn: 451
    • Land Leases & Land Lease Related issues: Extn: 499
    • For finance department (secretary of director of finance) Extn: 468.
  • For Submitting Document Bank Guarantees. +971-65133499
  • For Collecting Refund Cheques.
  • For Refund of bank Guarantees and other customer refunds: Extn: 409
  • For Cheques of outside parties (suppliers/contractors etc) Extn: 475.


Phone: +9716-5263000
Direct: +9716-5133-481, +9716-5133483
Fax: +9716-5263666

  • Online Visa Services ::
  • Apply Online Account
  • Apply Establishment Card
  • Apply Visa (Entry Permit)
  • Non Exit
  • Medical
  • Residence Permit
  • Passport Withdrawal
  • Authorization Card
  • The minimum age limit for applying employment visa is 18 years and maximum is less then 60. However special approval can be obtained for the shareholder/Managers.
  • Manager of the company's HFZ operations whose name is mentioned in Trade liscense should be on HFZ visa. Other visas can only be applied after Manager's Residence Visa is obtained. In case of Female Manager or employees shall produce attested educational certificate however in case of Manger whose name in the trade liscesnce can be granted maximum 3 month time to submit the attested certificate after getting the residence visa.
  • After the manager visa stamped, must have to apply for the HFZ authorization card and only HFZ Visa holders are permitted to be authorize to include their name for signing visa related documents and for the other services.
  • Owner, Shareholder and the manager whose names are mention in the Trade liscense, are exempted from the Bank Guarantee, other employees must have to deposit with HFZ Visa & Residence Department Bank Guarantee/Cash Deposit equivalent to one month's salary and return ticket fare to the country of origin is mandatory.
  • After entering the country medical should be done & must have to submit medical report along with residence application within 14 days from the date of arrival to avoid the penalty.
  • In case of cancellations, original exit page with exit stamp from the Airport is required to claim Bank Guarantee.
  • Additional visa can only be applied after exceeding the allotted visas limit.
  • All HFZ sponsored employees shall work only inside HFZ. For temporary assignment outside the Free Zone, companies need to apply to the Visa Dept. for the permission to work outside.
  • Skilled and Non-skilled employees under HFZ Sponsorship shall stay inside HFZ Labour Accommodation.
  • Companies should submit Salary Payment Certificate within 5 Days of the next month, failure will be penalized.
  • Salary certificates, Employee disputes are also handled by this dept.


Phone: +9716-5263000
Direct: +9716-5133-488, +9716-5133-441, +9716-5133-494
Fax: +9716-5260222
  • Apply Online for Tel. Comm. Services.
  • Apply for Staff Accommodation.
  • All type of N.O.C. (Company & Individuals).
  • Once the investor gets online account credentials, he can find all the required information of any service there.
  • Print Online applications form , attach a copy of the trade license, a passport copy & visa copy (in case of individuals), a request letter from the company.
  • For Tel. Comm. Services, Apply Online - attach an Etisalat applications signed and stamped by Owner and Etisalat
  • For Staff Accommodation, a Letter from the company should be submitted mentioning the number of rooms needed, with trade License copy
  • Apply for Sharjah Chamber of Commerce Registration has to be submitted by the investor directly to SCC. (AED 2,225- to be paid)


Compose of the following Depts. - Engineering , Survey, Projects, & MEP.

Phone: +9716-5263222 Direct Lines
PPD Secretary Ms. Isabel Dominguez +9716 5133423

Contact Survey Department for:
  • Investor's Plot Demarcation or Re-demarcation request.
  • Plot Plan and Location Plan issuance request.
  • Existing Utility Services Drawings.
  • Existing Investor's Pipeline route Drawings.
  • HFZA Phase 1 & Phase 2 Master Plan Drawing including Road Networks.

Contact Engineering Department for:
  • Plot development, Building Construction, Building Completion and Operation Permit requirements checklist.
  • Investor need to appoint a HFZA registered Consultant and a Contractor.
  • Apply for Leveling and Fencing. (obtain Fencing Specifications from HFZA Engineering Department Reception).
  • Apply for Building Permit (BP are valid for 6 months but can be renewed for another six months if necessary).
  • Apply for HFZA NOC cover letter to SEWA, Etisilat, Civil Defense etc… for drawing approvals application.
  • Building Completion Certificate.
  • Apply for HFZA NOC cover letter to SEWA Water & Electricity and Etisilat for permanent connection application.
  • Operation Permit (OP) or Provisional Operation Permit (POP), Operation Manual with EIA & RA etc… will be required.

IMPORTANT NOTES: The following Investor's activities listed below which are found being carried out without complying to HFZA requirements, rules and regulations shall be stopped immediately and corresponding penalty will also be imposed accordingly;

  • Carrying out of Leveling and Fencing without HFZA NOC or Approval.
  • Carrying out of Construction without NOC or Building Permit .
  • Carrying out of Construction not in accordance to Authorities Approved Drawings.
  • Carrying out Modification without obtaining HFZA NOC or Approval.
  • Delay or late in the renewal of Building Permit, Building Completion Certificate and Operation Permit.
  • Carrying out operation without obtaining Operation Permit or Provisional Operation Permit.


(By SEWA- Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority Directly. Tel No. & Contact Person) Land: Power requirement needs to be approved by SEWA. Please contact HFZA Head of Engg. Dept. for advice on the procedures. Coordination by HFZ Engg. Dept.

Warehouse: Additional Power Supply requirement will require SEWA approval and all new electrical installations must be carried out by a SEWA approved and HFZA registered Contractor at Investor's Cost.

Please contact HFZA  Engg. Dept. for advice on procedures.

WM warehouse connections will be provided through HFZA Engg.


Direct Lines Mr. Rajkumar +9716-5133-453
  • Request to Sharjah Municipality's approval for solid waste disposal (For Industrial companies).
  • All issues related to HFZA requirements on Environmental Impact Assessment and Risk Assessment.
  • All issues related to HFZA requirements on Environmental Protection.


Phone: +9716-5263222
Direct: +97165133-405, 440
Collect Keys for Pre-built facilities and for returning the facilities on termination.


Phone: +9716-5261626
Fax: +9716-5263404
For addressable customer grievances.
CUSTOMS RELATED MATTERS: Please contact Customs Office located near HFZ Security Gate (+9716-5263008).


In case of any emergency at your facility, be warehouse, office or accommodation please call any of these numbers listed below and notify HFZA main gate immediately.

HFZA Security Main Gate  :  +9716-5263070
HFZA Head Office  :  +9716-5263222
HFZA Customs  :  +9716-5263080
Sharjah Police  :  999/6563111
Civil Defence  :  997/65652888
HFZA Security Emergency  :  050-4819858
Hamiriyah Port  :  +9716-5263388
Hamiriyah Police  :  +9716-5253333
Sharjah Coast Guard  :  +9716-5282999