frequently Asked Questions


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    What type of business licenses can Hamriyah Free Zone provide?

    We have three types of licenses: Commercial, Service and Industrial

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    What services are available?

    There are branches of leading banks, restaurants, supermarkets and a gymnasium. Emirates Post, currency exchange and typing centres are also on-site.

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    What facilities are available in the free zone?

    There are offices, pre-built warehouses, plus land and port facilities. Staff accommodation is also available.

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    How long does it take to establish a company?

    Upon submission of all required documentation, we can issue a license in one hour.

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    Do you provide virtual office services?

    We have both HBC “ Hamriyah Business Centre” and E-Office packages for businesses.

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    What is the basic cost for a license?

    AED 11,000 / USD 3,000. For more details

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    Can investors purchase a facility in the free zone?

    No, facilities can only be leased.

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    Can I open a branch/subsidiary?

    Yes you can! For more information

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    Is it possible to have license from Hamriyah Free Zone and have my office outside the free zone?

    No, we do not provide this type of service.

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    Can I be a partner in other companies inside or outside the free zone?

    Yes you can. Please contact us for more details

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    Is a local partner required to open company in the free zone?

    No, this is not a prerequisite.

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    Am I or my company subject to corporate or income tax in Hamriyah Free Zone?

    No, you and your business are exempt from these taxes.

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    Are there any restrictions regarding import and export?

    There are no restrictions on importing and exporting goods that are approved as per the terms of your license.

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    What government department services/approvals must be obtained during construction on a plot?

    The necessary NOCs must be obtained from government authorities, such as the civil defense, SEWA (electricity and water department), Etisalat and all other services deemed necessary by your appointed HFZA registered consultant and contractor. Different requirements will apply at different stages of preliminary design approval, construction and towards completion of the project.

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    Are there any regulations for the development of a leased plot?

    Hamriyah Free Zone is responsible for regulating the planning and construction of investor’s projects within its jurisdiction. We create and apply regulations in line with state and federal laws and guidelines. Please refer to our ‘Engineering, Environmental Health & Safety (EEHS) Investors Information Kit’ for free zone rules, regulations, standards and policies

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    Can I appoint any third party consultants and contractors of my choosing for the design and construction works?

    We have a list of approved and registered consultants and contractors that hold valid Sharjah economic license for all design and construction work for permanent facilities at the leased plot. The list can be obtained from the registration desks of our engineering or purchase and supply departments.

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    What procedures and requirements apply for the development of a leased plot?

    Please refer to our ‘EEHS Investors Information Kit’ for a checklist of procedures and requirements.

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    Are there any fees that apply for engineering services at the free zone?

    Please refer to our ‘EEHS Investors Information Kit’ for all service charges and fees.

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    Under what circumstances must environmental permits and no objection certificates (NOCs) be secured?

    1. Environmental clearance – if an EIA/RA study has to be conducted for your facilities.
    2. Chemicals – an NOC must be obtained from Sharjah Municipality, Sharjah Ports and Customs, Dubai Municipality, Abu Dhabi Ports and Customs Center and other regulatory agencies.
    3. Conditional environmental activity – an NIC is needed for projects that may affect the environmental in some way.
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    What projects are covered by an EIA study?

    1. Any project that could have significant environmental impact is covered. It takes into account the nature of the project, its potential to cause significant or adverse environmental impacts, and the sensitivity and vulnerability of environmental resources in the project area.
    2. An EIA study can only be conducted by an HFZA EHS department approved environmental consultant.
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    Are there any fees to be paid prior to approval of an EIA, environmental permit / NOC or pre-qualification / accreditation?

    Yes there are. Please refer to the HFZA service fees list here

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    Which services provided by third party contractors have to be pre-qualified / accredited by EHS – environment department?

    The following services must be pre-qualified / accredited:

    1. Environmental consultancy services: including EIA, environmental site assessment, waste management studies and solutions, waste audit, soil and groundwater studies and marine and estuarine ecology studies, modeling and coastal management studies and solutions.
    2. Waste collection and transportation services for non-hazardous waste, recyclable, hazardous and sewage wastes.
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    In the event that hazardous waste has been generated, how should it be disposed of?

    All hazardous waste must be disposed through approved, registered and authorised agencies and contractors.