Visa & Residence Services

The Visa and Residence Department at Hamriyah Free Zone, provides the investors with a range of immigration services. In this section, important immigration services provided by the Visa and Residence Department are mentioned below along with a link to all the requirements, and necessary documents.

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Employment Visa

Family Visa

Transfer of Sponsorship

Visa Cancellation

Processing Fees

Visa Policies

  • -The first visa in HFZA should be applied only for the person whose name is mentioned in the Trade License.

  • -After the first visa is stamped, for any services in Visa & Residence Department, Authorization Card and presence of the Authorized person is compulsory.

  • -The minimum age limit for applying Employment Visa is 18 years and the maximum age limit is less than 60.However, special approval can be obtained for shareholder/ manager whose name(s) are mentioned in the trade license.

  • -Attested  Educational Certificate is compulsory for applying Employment Visa for ladies ,professional categories and managerial positions and must be attested by the U.A.E Consulate of their respective country of Origin, followed by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs in U.A.E. Attested Educational Certificate is also compulsory for some nationalities and profession, irrespective of Gender(M/F). Check with the Visa & Residence Department for more queries.

  • -Transit visa holders cannot apply for a Non-Exit and must exit the country within 14 days of arrival.

  • -After entering the country, medical report of the employee is to be submitted within 14 working days from the date of arrival, otherwise the company will be responsible for a penalty of AED 320/- set by HFZA.

  • -Any person whose visa is issued from the Visa Department of HFZA is permitted to work only with the sponsor company in Hamriyah Free Zone. Special Permission is required for working outside Hamriyah Free Zone.

  • All the applications listed below,must complete the entire process of cancellation for the company to utilize the increased visa quota and also to claim the Bank Guarantee.

  • Visa Cancellation
  • Cancellation before Stamping
  • Unutilized Entry Permit
  • Absconding
  • Transfer out of HFZA
  • Additional Visas can only be applied after exceeding the allotted visas limit.