Chairman’s Message

Commitment and Perseverance to high standards of performance and the spirit to excel have been the objectives that have marked Hamriyah free Zone above others. At Hamriyah Free Zone, conditions do not conceal its strategies but reveal its accountability – Accountability to Business Excellence, Dedication and Quality.

Our vision and strategy are manifold - first, it provides the International Business Investor with a unique investment opportunity in a free market environment, thus leading the Emirate of Sharjah into a new age of Industrial & Free Zone development. Second, but most pivotal vision is Investor satisfaction – this vision identifies HFZ in the marketplace as the zone where investors want to be, and the zone that puts investors first. Thirdly, Quality & standard of service lies at the heart of our organization’s reputation & credibility –ISO 14001 and ISO 9000 no doubt personifies our image.

The core values that have directed our performance and functioning are the behaviour towards each other and interaction with external clients. Thus, leadership, excellence, integrity, accountability, teamwork and trust form the very basis of our business culture.

With a firmly established performance culture and a robust reporting regime, Hamriyah Free Zone has its ambitious standards already in place; the challenge ahead is to marshal our resources by ensuring that we remain committed to:

  • Striving for Business Excellence through Investor Satisfaction in all we do.
  • Continuing to deliver quality services and encourage quality in others.
  • Seeking Continuous improvement and innovative policies, programs and services.

I trust that these insights will assist us in meeting new challenges as they emerge. Last but not the least, these commitments would ultimately lead us to ultimate success. In the meantime, let us continue to strive for excellence and deliver quality encompassing services … together let us make a difference!

Sighted and signed,

Khaled Bin Abdullah Bin Sultan Al Qasimi