360-degree connectivity

With its central coastal location, Sharjah’s road network connects Hamriyah Free Zone with key highways to six other emirates, in addition to providing direct access to Oman, Bahrain and beyond. Ongoing and planned infrastructure projects will further enhance the movement of goods in and out of the emirate.

The only emirate with ports on the coast of both the Arabian Gulf and Arabian Sea – Sharjah is integral to the global supply chain with excellent shipping networks across the world. Both the 180,000 square metre Sharjah Inland Container Depot – and Hamriyah Port, a centre for export and re-export to global markets – are equipped with the latest technology and handle a variety of cargo containers 24/7 throughout the year.

One of the UAE’s first transportation hubs, the award-winning Sharjah International Airport, delivers convenient access to more than 230 global cities and has evolved to comfortably handle the growing demands of a dynamically changing market.


  • Set up your business in less than 1 hour
  • Full foreign ownership permitted
  • Strong land, air and sea connectivity
  • Repatriation of capital and profits
  • No corporate, income, import or export taxes
  • Variety of licenses, including commercial, service and industrial
  • Purpose-built office accommodation, warehouse and factory units
  • Renewable long term lease
  • Access to the UAE and GCC markets
  • Low cost energy
  • Cost-effective workforce
  • 24-hour security within the Free Zone
  • Special VAT advantages 
  • Onsite labour accommodation
  • Access to a 14-metre deep port and 7-metre deep inner harbour
  • Onsite customs facilities
  • Single window convenience for all administrative services

Highlights of Hamriyah Free Zone

  • Home to the highest number of steel fabricators in the UAE
  • UAE’s primary hub for oil and gas companies
  • Strategic location to access global markets
  • 11 million square feet Food Park specifically planned and developed for the requirements of the food industry
  • World class facilities