Building Materials

Manufacturing or trading of building materials is easy at Hamriyah Free Zone with its business-friendly environment, strategic location, abundance of land or warehouse facilities. Strategically well located among the 7 Emirates in UAE with easy access to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Emirates Road (E611)


Rising global demand through population increase and higher disposable incomes coupled with exemption from tax and commercial levies and an investment friendly environment has firmly established in UAE as a niche producer to meet the industry needs in the region. Special areas have been designated in the Free Zone to set up operations with ease for you to achieve high economies of scale from your business set-up.

Heavy Industry

With 26 million square metres of prime industrial land, many heavy industry leaders have chosen to establish their business at Hamriyah Free Zone, taking advantage of economical operational costs, sound business policies and a multi-cultural population.

Logistics and Transportation

An ideal hub given its strategic location, easy accessibility by air, land and sea; Hamriyah Free Zone also eases regulatory burdens in facilitating the flow of goods throughout the world’s markets.


Hamriyah Free Zone has convenient access to Hamriyah Port and delivers a host of marine services, including ship building, repair, management, consultancy, conversion and offshore fabrication.

Oil and Gas

Home to the world’s seventh largest proven crude oil reserves and almost 3.5 per cent of global gas reserves, the UAE is a key partner in the global energy markets. Hamriyah Free Zone is well equipped to deliver integrated solutions in refinery, petrochemical and power generation for downstream projects.


The packaging industry continues to show steady growth with high potential for expansion as new technologies and innovations are introduced.  This is in response to the demand to provide packaging solutions to ensure product safety the moment it leaves the manufacturing plants until the end user. Packaging companies take advantage of the reduced operational cost and strategic location at Hamriyah Free Zone.

Perfume and Cosmetics

The UAE has a per capita spend of around USD239 (Dh877) on beauty products making it the seventh highest in the world according to a report released in April 2017 by research firm, Euromonitor International. This figure is almost four times larger than the global average of USD 60. It makes sense that many perfume and cosmetics industries are establishing a base in the UAE to capitalize the current market trend. Hamriyah Free Zone is the ideal hub for manufacturing, importing and exporting of beauty product with its approx. 26 million sq m prime industrial land and various warehouses suitable for manufacturing or storage of goods.


Accounting for almost half of the UAE’s entire manufacturing production, petrochemicals and plastics are the country’s leading manufacturing sector. Hamriyah Free Zone is the second largest petrochemical hub in the UAE and has easy access to Asian and Far Eastern markets.


The recycling industry continues to evolve in providing technological advancements and solutions that will not cause adverse effect to the environment as more companies are taking conscious decisions to implement better environment practices. Being a green free zone, Hamriyah Free Zone provides a platform in support to companies aiming to provide environment friendly, sustainable solutions


SMEs are critical to every economy, hence why Hamriyah Free Zone has affordable start up packages, as well as streamlined procedures for company formation, to support the growing entrepreneurial spirit in the country.


Home to the largest number of steel fabricators in the UAE, Hamriyah Free Zone’s land, air and see transport links ensure your steel business is well positioned to cater to industry requirements.


Hamriyah Free Zone is strategically located to facilitate trading of raw materials and end products between Asia, Europe and Africa. Its favorable business policies such 100% repatriation of capital and profits; no corporate, income, import or export taxes; and issuance of business license in less than an hour provides an ideal platform for trading and manufacturing companies to thrive in the Free Zone.


Regardless of the type of wood, application, or daily output, Hamriyah Free Zone’s integrated storage and manufacturing plots provide you with a competitive advantage for your timber business.