About Hamriyah Free Zone


In business, speed matters. And at Hamriyah Free Zone, 60 minutes is all it takes to set up your business and receive your trade license on the spot.

Hamriyah Free Zone, UAE’s second largest industrial free zone is spread across approx. 26 million square metres.  Established in November 12, 1995 by Emiri Decree No. 6 of 1995, it is home to over 6,500 businesses from 163 countries. In addition to world-class facilities including offices, warehouses, factories and executive office suites, Hamriyah Free Zone also has over 15 on-site key business services, like banking and auditing firms, currency exchanges, conference rooms, staff accommodation, and more.

Uniquely located at the intersection between three continents allowing you to serve a growing market of 1.5 billion people, Hamriyah Free Zone is your gateway to global business.


To be the most cost effective, efficient and profitable free zone in the region, delivering a commitment to excellence that leads to the sustainable development of highly skilled human resources.


To add value to the esteemed emirate of Sharjah by creating an environment that attracts reputable asset-based industries, quality trading and commercial organisations. This will be achieved through the provision of land, buildings, infrastructure and general support, to enable our investors to operate profitably, safely and in an environmentally and socio-economically responsible manner.